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Intellectual Property

A patent is a government monopoly for an invention, granted after examination by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A patent is a property right that should, when properly considered, prepared, and prosecuted, provide the owner with recognition for an accomplishment, an asset for ownership, a value benefit for transactions, and—when necessary— a weapon for enforcement. Obtaining maximum patent protection that will support a potential 20 year lifetime, is one of the fundamental challenges for the patent practitioner.

In a complementary fashion, these same factors provide the basis for a vigorous analysis of the patent positions of other parties, and when necessary, a thoughtful defense against patent infringement.
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Phil Summa

Prior to joining the firm, Phil was the founder of the law firm that became Summa, Addition & Ashe P.A. …

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We understand that clients seek legal representation because they have important and difficult problems. The firm seeks to meet the legal challenges our clients bring to us with assertive, practical, common sense, creative, and cost-effective responses. We set a course to navigate these legal obstacles that is innovative, productive and intelligent. At Parsons Summa we strive to preserve your business and its profits by avoiding unnecessary risks and managing well those risks that are unavoidable.

We are candid and aggressive when necessary and place a premium on preparation and hard work. We seek to avoid unnecessary expenses, listen to our clients, respond to their needs and achieve their objectives. We speak straight-forwardly in plain terms because we understand a client’s time is valuable and the decisions to be made are important.
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Labor & Employment

Employers demand solid counsel and representation because the legal environment for employers is complicated and risky. The firm offers sound advice and assertive advocacy. We provide legal representation that is skilled and experienced and tailored to the practical realities of managing a business. The firm’s labor and employment practice seeks to simplify what is already too puzzling and defend against unfounded claims with vigor and effective strategies.

Our clients tell our story best. The firm has years of experience representing clients in diverse industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, financial and food services.
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Kevin Parsons

For over twenty years, Kevin has represented and advised employers ranging from the very large to small businesses in virtually …

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