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Labor & Employment

The Employment & Labor Practice

laborAndEmploymentEmployers demand solid counsel and representation because the legal environment for employers is complicated and risky. The firm offers sound advice and assertive advocacy. We provide legal representation that is skilled and experienced and tailored to the practical realities of managing a business. The firm’s labor and employment practice seeks to simplify what is already too puzzling and defend against unfounded claims with vigor and effective strategies.

Practice Areas

We advise and advocate across the entire spectrum of employment law including:

  • Employment Litigation Defense – In federal and state courts, we have a depth of experience representing clients in employment discrimination, retaliation and harassment cases such as Title VII (race, gender, national origin and religion), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA) wrongful discharge, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims.
  • Administrative and Regulatory Agency Investigations and Charges – The firm represents clients before federal and state agencies that enforce employment laws such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Department of Labor and the Employment Security Commission. We handle everything from the most intrusive investigations and searching audits to ordinary position statements with the objective of demonstrating total compliance, minimizing disruption to your business, and deterring a lawsuit.
  • Non-Compete, Trade Secrets and Breach of Confidentiality and Contract Cases – We represent management asserting client rights in actions to enforce non-compete agreements, protect trade secrets and confidential information. The firm also assists clients in drafting employment agreements with maximum practical enforceability. The firm also represents clients in the entire range of breach of employment agreement cases from wrongful termination to unpaid compensation claims.
  • Wage & Hour – The firm defends employers in lawsuits and administrative agency investigations initiated to obtain unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime and minimum wage), the North Carolina Wage & Hour Act (overtime and unpaid wages), breach of contract for unpaid commission and other wages. We also advise and counsel clients on compliance strategies for classifying exempt and non-exempt employees, and controlling overtime liability.
  • Leave Compliance Under the FMLA and ADA – We advise clients in the difficult business of complying with the tangle that is the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act throughout every aspect implicated by the law from policy drafting to daily compliance decisions. We do so with the aim of avoiding unnecessary lawsuits and positioning clients to effectively defend against unavoidable claims.
  • Counsel and Advise in Human Resource Issues – The firm counsels employers on how to make the best decisions to comply with the intricate laws that regulate the employment relationship. We also assist clients in drafting policies and developing practices that create the greatest possible flexibility to manage your business while effectively avoiding litigation. The firm provides a full compliment of management training designed to meet the unique needs of each client and furnish managers with the necessary tools to prevent employment liability and position the client as best as possible to defend against employment litigation.
  • Union Management – The firm advises and counsels clients in the multiple issues presented by the presence of unions in the workplace. We also represent clients in arbitrations to enforce collective bargaining agreements and other litigation involving unions.

Client Relationships

The firm realizes you have many options when seeking legal counsel. We stand out because of our competence and mutually satisfying client relationships. The firm cultivates personal relationships with clients that are enduring. A healthy relationship between lawyer and client requires trust and respect. Our experience teaches that client trust is earned by candor, diligence, responsiveness, and hard work. The hallmark of good legal representation is credibility which is fostered first by honest and informed counsel. That is our objective and the reputation we have developed over the years. We strive to learn from our clients what they need and develop legally sound strategies to achieve the client’s objectives that are honest, candid and thoughtful. We return calls and work on your timetable and at your convenience. Our best clients know the firm is always a phone call away from delivering the help they need to navigate legal obstacles ahead of them. The firm does not aspire to run a client’s business. Rather, we strive to enable clients to run their own business with minimal legal problems.

Proven Record

Our clients tell our story best. The firm has years of experience representing clients in diverse industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, financial and food services. While they come from different businesses, they all find in our firm extensive trial, appellate, arbitration and administrative representation expertise and results that are delivered with integrity and distinction. Our demonstrated ability to satisfy clients is our best asset.